New Inventory Pianos

                          New Bosendorfer model 185 VC.

This is Bosendorfer's 6'1" Grand Piano in the new Vienna Concert Series Instruments. The finest piano of its' size in the world.


                 New Yamaha CFX 9' Concert Grand Piano.

The Flagship CF Series is the culmination of nearly two decades of research and development to create the world’s finest concert grand piano. The CF is the rare union of clarity of tone and power that pianists crave. Each piano is crafted entirely by hand for a precise response that brings depth, nuance and an endless range of colors to the player’s tonal palette. It is simply a superb instrument.

                         New Bosendorfer model 280 VC
                The Ultimate Concert Grand Piano at 9' 2".
Unmatched Dynamic range with the most responsive action imaginable. Powerful enough for performance with full symphony orchestras.
Used 1972  Steinway M
 5' 7"  Ebony Grand                                     Yamaha C2X 5' 8" Polished Ebony   
Very Good Condition                                                                       
Steinway M 1972.jpg
C2X .jpg



                                   Yamaha GC Series Grand Pianos.

Beautiful tone, responsive action. Quality pianos at an affordable price.


DGC2 5' 8" with   

Disklavier Player System                                                 GC2 5' 8"                                                                                                                    


Yamaha U3 in Mahogany Polish- 52" Upright              Yamaha P22D 45" Studio

Yamaha U3PE.jpg
Yamaha P22 SAW.jpg