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Our manufactory offers a fine assortment up to eight Grand Pianos starting at the size of 155 up to the legendary 290 Imperial Concert Grand and two upright instruments. Calling Vienna our home, we have set out to develop a concert instrument for the 21st century removing any obstacle between the artist and their imagination. What shall remain is pure emotion unleashed. We have found what we looked for and coined our newest creation VC – Vienna Concert – technology. In countless hours of hard dedicated work and perseverance in pursue we elaborated on the Viennese tradition of piano crafting and designed the Concert Grand 280VC and the Grand Piano 214VC. This new development allows us to unveil an unheard spectrum of color for any desired genre and interpretation, for grand concert stages, professional studios or sophisticated private listeners and enthusiasts. Our dear commitment to the Art of the Piano you will sense at the very touch of our instruments. An impression that lasts and inspires more than one generation: the unique sound of a Bösendorfer Grand.


Montana Piano is Proud to offer the World’s Finest Piano – Bösendorfer. Contact us for more information.

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Standard Model 214 VC
Model 200 in Rosewood
Anchor 1
Senator Model
Model 280 VC Concert Grand
Beethoven Model
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